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Tagged "mid century artists"

People We Love: Art Smith, Jewelry Designer

Arthur Smith, born in 1917 in Cuba, was the son of Jamaican immigrants. He moved to New York City when he was just three years old, and continued to live and work there until his death in 1982. From 1946 until 1979, he owned and operated his jewelry shop in Greenwich Village, where he was subject to racist and homophobic attacks due to the racial and political tension of the times. Nevertheless, many, including avant-garde dancers and jazz musicians, wore his art. His pieces are currently in the permanent collections at the Cooper Hewitt Museum, the Museum of 
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People We Love: Dan Flavin, Artist

Carrie Hoffman Jewelry often takes inspiration from other artists, time periods, and antique designs. The vision of Dan Flavin is a perfect bridge between architectural thought-piece installations, and architectural, wearable, art considering his unique use of color, shape, and space. Dan Flavin was born of Irish decent in New York, on April 1, 1933. His twin brother, David, who suffered and died from polio in 1962, served as inspiration to one if his earliest series, Icons, which were box-like structures made out of various materials, then illuminated from the sides with different types of lighting. From here, his particular
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