Stunning Citrine

Stunning Citrine

One of the most popular gemstones today, Citrine, formerly known as “yellow quartz”, can be used not just as mere decoration, but for its metaphysical and healing properties as well.

Citrine is a form of quartz that most likely gets its name from the French word citron for “lemon”. It’s yellowish, brownish, orangeish hue is reminiscent of citrus fruits, and also the color of Autumnal leaves, which might be why it was named the traditional birthstone for November. It is also used for both 13th and 17th wedding anniversaries, and for the astrological sign of Virgo. Natural citrine used for decoration can be seen as far back as ancient Greece during the Hellenistic age between 300 and 150 BCE. In 17th century Scotland, citrine was often used to decorate the handles of swords, and occasionally used to fabricate an entire sword handle. During the Art Deco movements of World War I and II, citrine was used in big, elaborate pieces often designed for big Hollywood stars like Greta Garbo. Today natural citrine is rare, and most citrine found in retail stores or in jewelry is often the product of heat-treated amethyst quartz as amethyst is much more abundant. Natural quartz can mostly be found in Brazil, but other places such as Russia, Madagascar, and France have citrine mines as well.

Metaphysically, citrine is known as the “merchant stone” or the “success stone” as it is said to aid in fortune and good luck with business transactions and large endeavors. Citrine is also thought to draw negativity out of the body, and in the process wards off stress and anxiety. Its golden color is warm and energizing, and thus is said to help attract positive things into one’s life.


Natural Citrine Quartz Points
Natural citrine quartz points. Notice how the tips are dark, almost like smokey quartz.
Natural Citrine Nugget
A natural citrine nugget held under sunlight.
Heat Treated Citrine from Amethyst
This photo depicts amethyst that has been heat treated to resemble citrine.
Citrine Quartz in Main mine
Citrine and smokey quartz points found in a mine in Oxford County, Maine, circa 2003.
Citrine brooch with turquoise and pearl detail
Citrine brooch with turquoise and pearl detail.
Citrine ring with diamonds 
A vintage 17.79 carat emerald cut citrine set in 14k gold with 0.05 carat diamonds on the side. Circa 1960's. Stunning!
Dragonlyfly with diamonds emerald eyes and citrine center
Plique-à-jour enameled 18k gold dragonfly brooch, with emerald eyes, citrine center, and pave diamond trim wings.

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