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People We Love: Donald Judd, Sculptor and Designer

When it comes to finding inspiration for my jewelry, I find that much of my enthusiasm stems from my love of architecture and interior design. The CHJ Judd ring was essentially born from minimalism- an art movement focused on paired-down design principles; a movement which was possibly a reaction to the over- embellished abstract expressionism that came before it. Many artists experimented with minimalism, but only some mastered it. Donald Judd, a sculpture and furniture designer based out of New York, was one of these minimalist pioneers who helped paved the way for better design. Here we see the Corner Frame chair, next to our Judd ring (clearly named after my muse) which can be worn three ways! 


Donald Judd Chair, Judd Ring from Carrie Hoffman

donald judd furniture design jewelry design judd ring minimalism minimalist People We Love sculpture

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